Wednesday, 16 June 2021


 Good morning all,

Still no desk to show, as I am midst decorating my craft room, but I didn't want to miss out on the fun of a desk hop!  If you fancy taking part head over to The Stamping Ground to take part.

Instead I bring you a pic of the bottom of our garden, where I have been keeping occupied instead of crafting.  Third time of having our patios laid, so I hope this time is the last time.  Just need to clean up layers of dust now, and try and resurrect an azalea that the builders inadvertently squashed!

I will visit as many desks as I can, time permitting ... but I have 2 very important cards to make.  A birthday card for my hubby, and a 10th anniversary card for my youngest daughter and her husband ... they met when she was 15 and still at school - young love!

Have a lovely week, Heather xx 

Wednesday, 26 May 2021


Good morning all

I'm looking forward to seeing lots of lovely ATCs and postcards on my desk visits, that have been swapped over the past week.  I've started packing up my crafty bits ready to decorate next week, so my desk is a tad bare.  Pride of place is an empty wooden box that I think looks very handy, but I've absolutely no idea what to put in it!  Suggestions on a postcard please!!  OK time to join The Stamping Ground and join in the fun!

The box was originally a container for Tassimo pods, but the amount of waste plastic meant we ditched the Tassimo machine.

In the bottom picture the box is set on my glass mat which is just over 12" square - so that gives you an idea of the size of the box.

It really is too nice to not use it for something!! 🤔

A short post from me this week, as nothing much has changed in the last 7 days!  I have my granddaughter sleeping over next Tuesday, so if she wants to craft, you might see an honorary WOYWWer in the desk pic! 

Have a lovely week, Heather xx

Wednesday, 19 May 2021


Happy 12th Anniversary to Julia and all the deskers!  I'm sorry not to be taking part in the ATC swap/celebrations - but main thing is, I am here!  Many, many congratulations to our head desker for keeping this blog alive and well for so many years, and to Jan for aiding and abetting when required.  Head on over to The Stamping Ground if you want to join  in the fun!

My side desk has Brushos left out after a play; 4 boxes of Tombow watercolour pens that I had to buy as a) they were on a 3 for 2 offer, plus I had 15% off voucher code and b) I have seen them on many of Shoshi's blog posts and liked the results.

My new Alice stamps - can't wait to play with them!  Plus some photo frames I saw in a charity shop window, and decided they would look good on the wall in my craft room to make it look 3D ... watch this space.

My main desk looks a little bare as I am in the office for a few days this week, as I have another new starter in my team.  Normally laptop, notebooks, calculator and a cup of coffee would be covering this desk.  

The view shows most of my crafty stuff that needs packing away, plus some shelves out of view, before I start decorating.  I do still need to work in the room or I could just go to the office whilst I decorate in the evenings.

Another finished blanket.  I'm going to make another in lemon - I really love the 1960s style patterns!  

I've yet to tackle a blanket with 2 colours (apart from my rainbow Jan Blan which was just rows in different colours), but I've a feeling it won't be long.  I'd like to do white with a pink or blue border.

Answer for Angela from last week - I use double knit for all my crocheting.  I vary the crochet hook to make it more 'delicate'.

I hope you all have a lovely week.  I'll be round to visit after work, but it might be a day or two, as I have a couple of work projects I am working on.  Take care, Heather xx

Wednesday, 12 May 2021


Good morning all,

The wanderer returns.  Well, not so much wanderer (as I haven't been anywhere), more wonderer, as in "I wonder when normality is going to return?"

The last couple of months seem to have raced through at 100mph - I'm more of a leisurely 30mph drive kind of girl.  A tiny bit of crafting has been done, and I have a lot of catching up to do on my junk journal (I did well for me keeping at it every day for over a month), or I may just skip to the present day.  I have done lots of gardening, with the assistance of Mr M.  We have a lovely berry patch now- just need the berries to grow!  We were also surprised one evening by a hedgehog strolling down the embankment- 48 hours later Mr M had built a hedgehog feeding station and installed a hedgehog cam- and we were pleased to discover Mr & Mrs Hedgehog going for dinner together and then having a smooch outside!  

I've also almost finished researching my family tree, no skeletons in the closet, but it was nice to do, and when we are free to travel, Mr M and I are going to some of the places my ancestors lived, to take some photos to add to the album I am creating.  Mainly Devon, Wales and Yorkshire.  

Enough waffle, we are here for WoYWW and to show off our desks!  Top of the desk is the wallpaper I have chosen for one wall in my craft room, we are going to get the paint this weekend, and then I will be packing up my crafty supplies whilst I decorate.  In the corner is the box from a crystal painting notebook (more on that below).  Bottom right and top left are an Alice in Wonderland foiled card kit, I'm still having a soft spot for Alice!  I've ordered 7 Alice stamps- so no excuse for not having inspiration for crafting!  Centre is a couple of pages for my journal.  


I did my first ever crystal painting - I bought it when my local craft shop reopened - mainly because it made me think of our dear Shaz - you can see why.

It's not finished yet - and part of the area is not sticky, so I'm going to have to be creative somehow when it comes to sticking those crystals on.  

I've not decided what I'm going to use the notebook for yet, but I do know it will be something connected to Shaz/crafting.

I have continued with my crochet - I have to say I have taken to this like a duck to water!  

Two of my nephew's and their wives are expecting babies in the next few months, so my baby blankets will be put to good use.  

My granddaughter has put in an "order" for a rainbow blanket for her baby doll.  The collage shows the different stitches/blankets I have made so far.  The top left is '1960s call the midwife' inspired, and the bottom right is another 1960s inspired- that's my current one.

I had my second vaccination yesterday, my arm is a little sore today, and I have a headache, but plenty of rest and paracetamol should do the trick apparently.  I hope everyone is keeping well, and I'll be visiting blogs after work.

Take care, and thanks for stopping by, Heather xx

Wednesday, 3 March 2021


I have come to the conclusion time goes faster the older you get, so I am officially going to change my age!  Wednesday again, so time to share our desks with our head desker Julia - pop over to The Stamping Ground if you want to join in with WOYWW

My desk this week still has not seen much crafting action, as I took full advantage of the nice weather at weekend, and spent most of the time in my garden, tidying, pruning, jet washing, and getting my veggie patch ready for planting.  I share seeds with my daughters, and it's my job to split the packets and distribute - hence the little packets on the front of the desk.  There is a yellow baby blanket (first one finished), a partially done mint baby blanket, a postcard with a piece of the Berlin Wall - that was in a box I have emptied out, half a blue roll, lettering practice book, and the pile of magazines centre back - they are reducing slowly!

I had my first Covid vaccination last week - thankfully no side effects!  I'm keeping fingers crossed that all goes well with vaccinating the country and we can return to some sort of normality.  No signs of going back to the office yet - which suits me fine, although I do need to get a new chair for my office/craft room as my current one is not at all comfy!  I have quite a few cards to make for males in the next few weeks, so I'll be scouring everyone's blogs and Pinterest for inspiration - as those are the ones I struggle with the most!   So ... I may actually have some proper crafting to share next week!  

Have a lovely week, take care Heather xx

Wednesday, 17 February 2021


 Good morning all,

Apologies for not visiting desks a couple of weeks ago - by early evening I felt rubbish and just went to bed, and did nothing but work and sleep for a few days.  I'm far too old to burn the candle at both ends now!

Having only been in this merry band of crafters for a few years, I didn't know Shaz as well as many of you did.  I had the pleasure of meeting her and Doug a few times at Crops and Port Sunny, and loved reading all her posts - for a newbie crafter her tips and reviews were brilliant!  She will be sorely missed by all who knew her.  RIP Shaz xx

Here is my main desk in all it's non-crafting glory.  Its still my workdesk, as there is no sign of us returning to the office yet.  Although my mojo has deserted me, (so I need a little bit of playing catch up with my journal), I did re-arrange my worktop to give me more space.  The Gemini at one end, and the Scan & Cut relocated next to my printer.  I also discovered I have way too much paper!  (Large tub in the rh corner is the overflow that does not fit in my Bisley drawers).

I did manage to make the pompoms and finish Emily's hat and scarf, so they were posted and she loved them.

If you'd like to join in with the biggest and best desk hop just click this link  >>> WoYWW  That's all from me.  Have a lovely week, Heather xx

Wednesday, 3 February 2021


 Good evening all, 

Apologies for my tardiness.  It has been one of those days, but I really want to keep up my good attendance this year at WOYWW .  I have no desk to show - as nothing has changed from the previous week, and that would be boring!  I have crafted, I have crocheted and I have researched my Family Tree.  Evidence of one of these activities below.  There are only 6 pages, as my page for today is blank, so will have to join next week's display!

A bit of an alien moment going on ....

Fairy door was fun to make

Goodbye and RIP Sir Tom.

That's all from me.  Hope you all have a lovely week, hugs Heather xx