Wednesday, 30 May 2018


Good morning everyone!  Time for another instalment of WOYWW.  I hope everyone received their ATCs.  I was so excited to open all my envelopes, it was like Christmas!  Thank you to all who sent me, and those that included some extras (Is this a custom I was unaware of ...?).  Below is my haul of ATCs - now I need somewhere to keep them - they are too nice to hide away in an album! I'm thinking maybe a frame, I have plenty of wall space.

On my main desk to the right of the ATCs is ... erm, a mess!  I am still trying to decide how best to store my stamps so I can find them easily.  I pulled out some of my Lavinia stamps and then couldn't decide!   I have some in CD cases, some in poly wallets, and some in a Papermania binder.  Hmm, recommendations ladies?

As advised I cancelled my long overdue order for oxide inks.  Just need to get my money back now.  Monday, I reordered the inks from one of the craft stores local to me.  Tuesday I received them - hand delivered! I am impressed!  Here they are on the left side of my desk.  As you can see, some more Lavinia stamps fell into my virtual shopping basket, oh dear.... not again!!

Now on to my side desk.  This is tidier than my main desk.  It was cleared and put away at weekend as our grandsons were over for a sleepover, so not had time to mess it up too much.  It has seen some action on Monday though, and I have to say I have impressed myself, which to be fair does not really take much!

I had a blank mdf craft sign, which has been loitering around my desk for months.  Inspired by some posts on several of your blogs, I decided to have a go at decorating it.  I decoupaged with polka dot and butterfly papers first, and painted the letters ... they look nicer in real life than the photo.  I then stuck on a few things I like, plus some 'extras' received from Zsuzsa and Angela (thank you ladies).  Oooh, I felt like a proper crafter when I was finished.  This will go on my wall for certain! 

Ok, that's all from me.  Please leave a comment so I know you stopped by.  I do love to read them.  Have a lovely, crafty week, Heather xx


  1. Hi Heather, I store my stamps in their packaging in A4 plastic boxes and label them according to manufacturer. My Clarity stamps are kept in their large 3 ring binders on heavy duty acetate sheets and stored on a shelf. This works well too. Love your plaque and stash of ATCs. Have a good week. Sarah #8

  2. What a lovely idea to frame your ATCs - I was thinking what I could do with mine. Some more thinking need to take place before I decide! I feel so honoured that my tag is featured on your craft plaque! It looks so lovely the way you arranged all those elements - I must get me one of those panels! Thanks so much for accepting my swap request - it was fun, wasn't it? Beautiful stamps! Glad you finally got your oxide order - if retailers don't have something in stock, they should give you a refund rather than keep you waiting! Happy #469! zsuzsa #17

  3. Hi Heather, and thank you for my ATC. Lovely. Love the artwork you made, it's fabulous. Storage of stamps- I store all mine in A4 ring binders, on laminated sheets. So Lavinia have a folder all their own, as do many of the other brands I have a lot of. Except my VI and Cardio- they are in their packets in Really Useful Boxes. Good to hear you got some Oxides- but you do wish people would be as fast to refund as they are to take the money in the first place! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 XxX

  4. A frame for the ATCs is a lovely idea. Pleased to see you've got your Oxides at last. Some of my stamps are kept in clear plastic shoe boxes that I get from Lakeland plastics and others that are bigger I have one of those plastic drawer sets that you can get from B&Q. I like plastic as you can see into it. Have a lovely woyww and happy crafting, Angela x16x

  5. Hi Heather, thank you for my ATC which will go on my bookcase when I get back in the JanCave! I really love the mixed media canvas you made, it's awesome and will great on your wall :-D
    Hugs LLJ 11 xxx

  6. What amazes me is how different all the ATCs were, even though they were all for the same event. That's what I LOVE about swaps.

    I had to laugh because I have ALL my stamps in two drawers in my craft room. I still have room for more. I prefer wood mounted stamps which take up lots of space, but I know that whatever you decide must work for you. Happy WOYWW from # 10.

  7. fabulous crop of atcs, and I love your display too. Helen #1

  8. So many beautiful ATCs - thanks for yours - we have loved opening all our little envelopes and enjoying the crafty/arty activity within. x Jo

  9. Morning Heather, Thank you for visiting yesterday, i'm juggling with time this week so sorry i'm late visiting. Lots of ATC's to treasure and well done on finding a reliable Craft supplier regarding those Oxides, enjoy playing with them.
    Your craft panel will look fabulous mounted on the wall, a very proud moment. Thank you for sharing WOYWW.
    Creative wishes for the week ahead Tracey #9

  10. Asking me about stamp storage is not a good idea, you would not like the way I store my non wood mounts. They are thrown, unpackaged into a set of plastic drawers, in no particular order. I’ve tried loads of ways and this awful way is just about the only one that comes close to working for me! In binders and folders, I didnt use them...too lazy to access them!
    Love the craft sign and the way you’ve incorporated some of the ATC extras, nice way to use them....hmm........ And no, there’s no tradition in the ‘extras’ that come in the ATCs, it’s characteristic generosity and isnt it lovely!

  11. Hi Heather, You'll have fun with your new stash. I love the Craft board.

    Nice variety of ATCs.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #14

  12. So sorry about the Oxide order - honestly! Hope you get your money soon.
    Lovely atc collection and thanks for yours to me, such a lovely background you made.
    Hugs, Neet 4 xx

  13. HI Heather, enjoy the new stamps and inks :) Love the wall hanging you altered too. I did grin about the hopped in the cart part. ( I think that happens to most of us) ~Stacy #24

  14. Your Lavinia stamps are gorgeous - I'm thinking of treating myself to one of two of their stamps quite soon - I'm resisting for the moment though! Love the idea of framing your ATC's, that would look really fab.
    Hope you have a great week,
    Diana x #21

  15. Happy Belated WOYWW! Trying really hard to get around on a lunch hour. I'm so glad you got your inks from a local store; I wish I had that option. And I love the Lavinia stamps; so far have resisted acquiring any. Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful week.
    -K #29

  16. Hi Heather,sorry I'm late visiting and thank you so much for popping by. Your ATC's are fab. Sadly I couldn't manage it this time. Your Craft Sign is brilliant. Anne x #20

  17. Lovely post, Heather. A great collection of ATCs and I love the idea of framing them if you 've got room to hang them. Your "Craft" sign is gorgeous! Glad you got your Oxides OK in the end. It's funny how things tend to just "fall" into your basket at times, isn't it! I store my stamps with their original packaging in ziplock bags suspended from a rail above my desk. I've got too many really, and they take up less room by grouping different categories in one larger bag (e.g. text stamps, flowers, leaves, etc.). There are pictures of it in various places in my blog.

    Thank you for your visit - thank you, I had a lovely birthday and 2 days out to celebrate, so I'm exhausted today but it was worth it! Glad you like the garden ornaments made by our neighbour. He's very clever. Glad you like the kitties too!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #3

    Happy belated WOYWW,

  18. Hi Heather. Finally made it here!!! Been a bit of a week. Great ATCs you have received. Thank you so much for the one you sent me. Love the plaque you have made!! Well done.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #7

  19. Hi Heather!
    Thanks for the visit this week. Your art piece is beautiful! I'd hang it on my wall.. if I had room. LOL

    You asked about stamp storage. All of mine are in DVD cases... even my individuals. I just filled a deep DVD case (from Stampin' Up used for the wood mounted stamps). They are all in photo boxes. My suggestion is firsts decide if you are a 'flipper' or a 'book worm'.. Book worms store their cases on a shelf like a book. Unless your shelf is only as deep as your case, this wastes a lot of storage space behind them. I store mine in photo boxes by theme/ category and just flip through them.. like a file storage. I'll look up my post and add a link in my Wednesday post.
    The thing is to find what works for you.
    Great collection of ATCs. Such creative people in our group.
    Creative Blessings! Kelly #28