Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Good morning all,

I'm back!  All refreshed and ready for another round of WoYWW!  The cruise was fantastic, and as soon as Mr M has done what he has to do with his photos, I'll put a few on a post.  Meanwhile... Room with a view in Barbados

With the help of the cruise line, I had arranged a couple of surprises for Mr M for our first wedding anniversary, which we celebrated towards the end of the cruise.  One was a deluxe breakfast in our cabin ... two large trays with 5 plates of food on one of them - I did point out there were only two of us! A surprise for me was that the cruise line had upgraded our cabin, which was quite lovely of them.

My desk is not quite as glamorous ... in fact quite boring, as I haven't done any crafting since I returned.  Side desk has a colouring book and pencils, and some artwork we bought in Barbados and Tenerife.

Main desk has some Sweet Poppy stencils I bought in the sale, and a Chloe die I bought on Sunday, which seemed to be a bargain price!  I managed to save a few pennies to spend on Saturday at Happy Stampers, and think I might just write a list of what I want to buy, as my mind goes blank when I wander round!  I'll wear my WOYWW badge, so please say hi if you spot me!

I'm hoping to make some ATCs and take part in the swap, but I've only ever made one ATC so nerves might get the better of me.  However, if anyone wants to swap, then please use the contact link to the right, to email me your name and address and that will undoubtedly force me into action.  

Have a lovely week, Heather x


  1. Your holiday sounds fabulous (happy anniversary!) and I look forward to the photos. Enjoy Happy Stampers at the weekend. Helen #2

  2. Happy belated Anniversary, what a magical way to spend it. You'll always remember those happy memories when you look at that artwork.
    Happy WOYWW creative wishes Tracey #5

  3. Happy belated first anniversary. What a marvelous way to spend time together.

    That was an amazing breakfast. You were probably stuffed and had enough for another meal or three!

    You got some lovely stencils and the art from Barbados is gorgeous. Don't fret about ATCs. Hopefully once you make one, you will enjoy making them and quickly catch the "fever." So far, I haven't caught anything yet this year (grin).

    Happy WOYWW from #3.

  4. Hi Heather, I'll look out for you on Saturday. I'll try and remember to wear my badge too, but I'll probably wear a Stoke top so will be easily recognisable. Happy belated first anniversary, the photos from the cruise look amazing! Sarah #20

  5. I want to swap, so now you have to have a go! They’re small and need not be works of art Heather, just a memento! Looks as if you visited paradise on the cruise, how marvellous, really look forward to seeing more of it, Congrats too on your anniversary, weren’t the cruise generous!

  6. What a great WOYWW #466. Have a great week xx Jan 22

  7. Hi heather, would have been lovely to meet up, but we can't make this one as it clashes with a friends wedding. Definitely planning on the October one though! The cruise looked amazing, and how nice to get the upgrade. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #9 XxX

  8. Oh wow, what an amazing holiday you had! How lovely that they upgraded your room, that's just wonderful and richly deserved. So glad you had such a wonderful time.
    Have a go at the atcs, I never do arty ones, always slightly off piste and it's a fun thing to be part of. I'll swap if you'd like to :-D
    Hugs LLJ 13 xxx

  9. What about an atc swap on Saturday at Happy Stampers? Or is that too soon for you.
    Never mind the desk - the cruise sounds absolutely wonderful. An upgrade - oh wowser! And that breakfast - and the view - cannot wait to hear all about it - with pictures of course.
    Tidy desk ( see I did look) and what a gorgeous fairy stencil.
    Hugs, Neet 6 xx

  10. Sounds like you've had a fantastic holiday you lucky thing!
    Have fun with your goodies too which look lovely.
    Fliss #26 x

  11. Belated congratulations, wow that de luxe breakfast would last me all day. Glad you enjoyed your cruise back to crafting now. Ani #1

  12. Fabulous holiday and an upgrade, brilliant. It always takes me a while when I come back off a holiday to get going again with the crafting but maybe the craft show will get you in the mood again. I should have a spare ATC if you want to swap so will send you my details when I've done here. Happy woyww, Angela x15x

  13. Hi Heather. Thanks for visiting mine earlier. We would happily swap with you (as I said Jo and I will be sending together but you are welcome to send ours to either Jo or I). Just send me your details to
    Annie x #13

  14. Your holiday sounds fab! The ocean is so blue in Barbados! glad you had a lovely anniversary breakfast - perhaps they thought you wouldn't emerging for a few hours (winkwink) and you would need sustenance! I'm sure you are also happy to be home in your own bed! I love eating outdoors, but hubby will only do breakfast on the porch, by evening there are too many bugs for him, and it's too hot. What a snowflake!(But I love him anyway!) Thanks for your visit, Lindart #26

  15. I've never been on a cruise, but now I really want to go! What a wonderful way to celebrate your first anniversary and how nice that you were upgraded! That's something that's never happened to me either, LOL! Welcome back on British soil - the best part of being away is coming home! Thank you so much for your visit - enjoy your weekend - hope you can squeeze in some crafty time! zsuzsa #19

  16. Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary, Heather, and what a lovely treat to go on a cruise! I loved seeing the photos. I am sure you both had a wonderful time. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment - I am recovering very well at home, thank you - for the past couple of days I haven't felt nearly so weak, but still needing to rest lots. I am determined to go to the County Show on Friday - I'll be sitting on my buggy all day so I should be OK! As soon as I feel well enough to sit at my desk I shall get back to WOYWW I've no doubt.