Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Hello all,
Happy WOYWW.  Sorry I couldn't post last week. Hectic week at work! I did still enjoy my weekly fix tour of your desks.  This week I decided it was time I put together my wedding scrapbook album, so I can take it to Canada with me next week to show my sister.  So my desk is mainly full of items connected to that.  It really was a very emotional day for me.  I had chosen to get married on my mum's birthday.  She passed away 28 years ago.  That would have been enough for a few tears on its own.  Eight weeks before our wedding I suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and 'died' in my sleep ... but my fiance as he was then, did CPR until the paramedics arrived, and after a few weeks in hospital I had an ICD implanted and was given the ok to go to Jamaica and get married.  No time to get a proper wedding dress, and struggling with a few cracked ribs, I ordered a loose lace maxi dress.  At the "as long as you both shall live" part of the vows, the waterworks opened!  The photographer was fantastic, kept up a constant supply of tissues and managed to get a few snaps where I almost looked ok. Anyway, back to my desk ... my eldest grandson started school last week and was invited to 3 parties, so a request from my daughter for a stash of birthday cards.  Two are made, and more are work in progress!  The large black and white bag contains A4 card, decoupage sheets, etc that i haven't yet sorted a home for!  I never knew this card making would take up so much room!!

Thanks for stopping by.  Please leave a comment ... I really do love to hear from everyone.  A quick question if I may (to my fellow cardmakers) - do you prefer to use double sided tape, or the adhesive rollers? Thank you.


  1. Blimey Heather, what a story! It's events like that that really make you appreciate the time we have. I'm not surprised you shed a few tears at your wedding, I'd have been worse!
    How lovely to be able to make such great cards for your GS to take to his parties, I remember that hectic social whirl when my kids went out more than I did :-D
    Hugs LLJ 4 xxx

  2. Thank goodness your fiancé (now husband) was there. I would have been in floods of tears too for far fewer reasons than you had. Good luck with getting everything finished and have a good trip to visit your sister. Happy WOYWW Sarah #26

  3. oh my goodness me! thank goodness your fiance knew what to do! No wonder there were lots of tears! Helen #1

  4. oh, meant to say, I always use double sided tape haven't got one of the gun things.

  5. A wedding day to remember. What an experience. Hope u r feeling better and that married life is fun and happy. Sound like u found a super man.
    Monica #29

  6. Hi Heather. My goodness me - what a story! Incredible - but you got through it all. Well done! When feeling a little soggy (I'm the master of the understatement here!), I find it helps me to remember that God says He stores all our tears in a bucket - none are ever wasted! Pretty brill, huh??
    You imagine your desk will look like mine?? I hope not, 'cos your desk needs to look amazingly unique - just right for you!!! It actually is already full of lovely interesting bits and pieces. DST or roller tape? For me personally, it's always double sided tape. Those little tape runners are quite expensive over here, and watching folk use them on TV I reckon they must get through an awful lot of the stuff. I simply can't afford to do that, so go for the cheaper option which can usually be bought at the shows on special offer.
    Thanks for your visit and kind comments.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  7. Wait until you have 25 years of crafting below your belt - that takes up an entire room! Congratulations on your wedding, I'm glad you made it! As far as tape goes, I prefer UHU glue. I have had more than a few cards fall apart after a few years, sometimes even a few months after using the adhesive tape. When I do use tape, I use the big pink roller. Have a great week, and thanks for sharing! Lindart #31

  8. Gosh Heather that is some story. I have to say that I prefer wet glue and normally use Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic. The red line double sided tape is good but I still prefer the wet glue for most things. Have a great woyww and happy crafting. Thanks for the visit to mine too, Angela x16x

  9. How lovely to know that your husband (as he is now) saved your life. That is true love and you are now grandees so that must have been a while ago.
    Enjoy your trip to Canada and bring back lots of photos for us.
    Hugs & thanks for the visit to mine, Neet 10 xx

    1. Hi Neet. We got married in April this year. The grandchildren are from my daughters from my previous marriage. The delay in putting the wedding album together was every time I thought about it, I became sad about the cardiac arrest - and I'm sure my wedding should be a happy memory! x

  10. Heather, Thank goodness your fiance managed to keep you alive. Hope all is ok now. Your anniversary will be such a special day, not only remember your mum, your wedding, but the fact you are still here and enjoying your married life.

    Have a lovely time at your sisters.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #21

  11. Hi Heather, wow, what an experience for you! So good that your fiance had learned CPR- just shows how useful these things are, they should be taught in schools. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 XxX

  12. Hi Heather, just popping back again. i saw your question about the craft spinner on Sarah's blog. I got mine from Amazon, and they had a choice of black or white. My white one was gifted to me, and I loved it so much, I bought myself a black one! Hugs, Shaz XxX

  13. Quick before I forget the question - I use both. Removable roller for photos. Permanent tape on a roller (big pink one) for card layers. Double sided tape standard and mega (red backed) latter for ribbons and lace. Wet glue for tiny diecuts/letters etc. Oh my - your wedding story, what a story, hoping to see some of your pages in the coming weeks. Thanks for the visit. BJ#8

  14. O My Goodness Heather thank god your now husband was there to do the correct thing...Life is so precious.. your wedding photos look so beautiful... what a wonderful day for you both and many happy years ahead together... Keep Safe... May #15

  15. oh wow, what a miracle for you both :) and I had to laugh about the how much space... you'll notice over time that most of us are only showing the desk top... not the tons of storage we have crammed things into. ~Stacy #33

  16. Hello Heather!
    Visiting you for the first time and what a story I have just read! Amazing! How grateful you must be for that lovely man who has saved you!I get orders for cards like that too from my daughter! And sometimes I don't have a clue what to make!
    Have a lovely week,
    hugs Cardarian

  17. Wow! what an amazing story and I bet your album is a fantastic memento.
    I used to use DST because I felt that the tape runners were expensive and not very eco-friendly - but now I mostly use wet glue or glue stick. Annie C #1

  18. What a crazy story. Waterworks for sure. Congratulations on your wedding. And have fun working on a wedding album. I'm currently doing one for my son & DIL. So fun. Dorlene #32

  19. oh my what an amazing story-how emotional making the album too, well done I think tear stains will only add to the love of making it.
    Thanks for visiting my desk already
    Kyla #19

  20. Oh wow, Heather - you had me almost in tears reading your emotional story! Yours is a wedding never to be forgotten, that's for sure! To think that your husband saved your life too... Many congratulations on your (eventual!) wedding and I know that memories of your Mum will always feature in your wedding memories too. What a treasure your wedding album is going to be. Have a really wonderful time with your sister. As for sticky tapes, I have one of those big pink gun things, and I tend to use that, but if it runs out and I can't be bothered to refill it again immediately, I use double sided tape (I have this in several thicknesses which is useful). I never use those little tape thingies as they are expensive and don't last very long. These days I'm not making so many cards anyway, but I do have to do them sometimes. When I need to stick something down more permanently (as when making books) I always use wet glue - my favourite is Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive - brilliant stuff.

    Thanks for visiting my blog - yes, extremely busy week so I've been resting today (Sunday). Glad you like my tags. Infusions are well worth exploring - they are absolutely gorgeous.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #35

  21. Wow - what a story and makes your wedding vows so much more important - wishing you a wonderful trip to Canada. In answer to your question on my blog - I got my table carousel from Great Little Trading Company a few years ago now - so I'm not sure they do it now - it is a godsend.
    Hugs Sarah #34