Wednesday, 9 August 2017


What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday 427

Good morning all,

Please be gentle - I am new to blogging as well as WOYWW.  I have been sneaking peaks at your workdesks since I stumbled across Julia's blog.  I don't know anyone who makes cards, so look to the internet for inspiration and kindred spirits.  I started making cards whilst I was recuperating after an operation in Nov 2015.  Now I am kind of recuperating again.  I am on a phased return to work after a long absence, and am therefore home alone every Wednesday ... and can craft and browse the internet to my heart's content.  Well not quite heart's content - my bank account doesn't appreciate crafting as much as I do :) 

My workdesk has two cards I finished making this morning - a fairy one, for my daughter (which does have a rather odd row of flowers on the bottom - but I stuck the DS tape on the wrong side of the die cut, and didn't quite know how else to fix it!).  As I said, I haven't been crafting long!  The other card with a butterfly was me trying out ink dusters to see what they looked like, and it evolved into a birthday card.

To the left is my ribbon storage box (formerly a champagne box), and behind the cards under the shelf are my butterfly box (current projects), and green studded box (rubber stamps - I don't have many).  My distress inks are on the shelf - out of reach of my young grandsons who use my craft room as their bedroom when they come for sleepovers.

I look forward to visiting all your workdesks after my lunch!

Best wishes, Heather x

PS:  I hope I got the linky thing right!  If not, I will try harder next week!

Thanks for visiting and your kind comments.  I will get round all the workdesks, but comments may take a day or two!


  1. Hi Heather, and welcome to the madhouse! Lovely to meet you! I'm also at home on extended sick leave, and hopefully soon will also be on a phased return. Had it planned twice so far, both times a new medical issue has surfaced, but you'll get the drift from my blog. Love both cards, and someone once said 'There are no mistakes in cardmaking, only layers!' so I think you did a good job. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #4 XxX

  2. Oooh, your cards are gorgeous! Welcome to the wonderful world of nosey deskers :)
    Happy WOYWW!
    Claire no. 2

  3. Hello Heather! Great to have you in on WOYWW, and yep, the ,kinky thing was right and it's all good. You now know lots of card makers too! The row of flowers on the card didn't strike me as odd at all, the mistake with the DS tape is something you will probably repeat, I still do occasionally, and I am not a new card maker! I love that you're storing things in boxes on your desk.....that will change, she says confidently!!

  4. Yay Heather, welcome to blog land. Love your cards, the blending is brilliant and you have great taste in inks lol. Beware creating more space for your stash (I know exactly how you feel about bank managers) as it has a habit of expanding to fit the available space (says she who has a craft shed rofl. Great to meet you. Happy WOYWW Sarah #25

  5. Hello and welcome to blogland and WOYWW Great cards! How fortunate that you get Wednesdays off to play along - and play! Helen #1

  6. Welcome new fellow desker! Sarah said it first - your cards are really lovely! And you could have fooled me - I'd never have known that you were so new to crafting if you had not said so.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Rose of Rose’s Art Garden #8

  7. Hi & Welcome...Your cards are so beautiful... you will love it here Heather... I love to snoop on a Wednesday... Have a wonderful week ahead...Happy WOYWW.... May #17

  8. Hello Heather, it's so lovely to 'meet' you on the desks! I like the look of your workdesk very much, it looks very organised (which I love, I'm not a messy crafter!). That champagne box is perfect for the ribbon storage - classy too - and I think the little row of flowers on the fairy card is cute :-D Hope to see you here again!
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

  9. Super cards Heather, and the flower row looks just fine to me, happy mistake I'd say. Thanks for the visit BJ#9

  10. Your daughter's card is lovely - and great fix BTW! Only you (and us!) know the secret! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #30

  11. This week I start visiting last weeks WOYWW
    before I make my own post for this week.

    Lovely stamping!
    Beautiful cards.