Wednesday, 11 July 2018


Good morning all.  Where did the last week go?  Time for a jaunt round a few desks courtesy of WOYWW and our leader Julia.  Head over to The Stamping Ground if you want to know more!

I didn't do half as much as I planned to do at weekend.  I did manage to watch some of the England match.   What a great result!  Not the best news of the week, that must go to the safe rescue of the young football team and their coach in Thailand.  But sad that one of the rescue divers lost his life!  Other news - on Monday I celebrated 500 extra days on this planet, and my employers are currently looking into how to offer CPR training to employees - there are over 600 if us in total!

I digress from the reason we are here .... this weekend I made a birthday card for Mr M's sister (forgot to take a pic), an anniversary card, and a few Lego ninja head cards, just need to add a happy birthday sentiment.  I also decided to have another go with the brayer.  Nothing planned, just me, the brayer and some distress oxides. Practise makes perfect as they say!  I was that pleased with the end result that I thought I would cut some letters out on the scan & cut.  First lot I cut were too small, but second lot were a decent size.  These will be used in my travel scrapbook that I am putting together.

Side desk below shows the bits not quite put away.  There is also my crafting sample book on the left.  I've read about these on a few blogs, so I put one together.  This weekend I added samples of the no shed glitter card, coloured with my promarkers, so I can see at a glance how they look.  I also ordered some more promarkers (I really do like them!).  Whilst on the site, I spotted a Summer Giveaway prize draw open until September with dozens of great prizes, so head on over if you like art stuff.  The site is CassArt.  (I hope it's okay to mention it).

 And a close up of the crafting sample book.

Main desk has the ninja cards, and a few more minion cards to assemble.  There are also some papers for the travel scrapbook.

The ninja eyebrows took some practise!

Our grandsons are coming for a sleepover at weekend, and the eldest one wants to make his two teachers a Thank you card.  He loves glitter ... so next week's desk could be a disaster zone!

That's all from me for this week.  I will do my visiting after work. I'm sorry if you visited me last week and I didn't get back to you.  I'll try harder this week!  Have a lovely week Heather x


  1. You have been doing well with the crafting this week, I'm afraid I've been doing very little apart from recovering from jet lag! Those lego and minion images are great, they made me laugh - hope you GS has a lovely time with glitter :-D
    Hugs LLJ 9 xxx

  2. Plenty of crafting this week Heather, you put me to shame. Great idea for the Scan N Cut too. Have a good week. Sarah #14

  3. Morning Heather. Congratulations on your 500 days - here's to the next 500! I am SO impressed with that sample book - would never have thought of making one for myself. Good for you.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #7

  4. Oooh that sample book is such a good idea. Yaaay congrats on 500 days :) I'm excited to see your glittery desk in next week's post. Hehe
    Ellie #22

  5. Hi Heather, love the glitter card sample book. Great idea. I love that glitter card- you can have any colour you like with the addition of markers, or ink. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #5 XxX

  6. Love all your crafting - the sample book is fab, it's a great way of seeing what you've got - I have several and am always looking through them for ideas and reminders!
    Have a great week and enjoy the grandkids,
    Diana x #11

  7. The glitter card sample book is great - I have never thought of doing that! Congratulations on your 500 days... amazing!! Thanks for sharing. Caro x (#18)

  8. I've got dinner in the oven and am getting some desks in before the match... will be nervous watching for sure! Great desk, have a good week. Helen #1

  9. Ah Heather, there’s a phrase I’m going to try...’not quite put away’.. I wonder if anyone will understand how close I come to tidying up if I say that!! My gosh the sample book is better than anything I ever touted around as a rep...a work of art in itself! Am thrilled for your extra 500 days...long long long may that number continue to increase!

  10. Look forward to seeing next week's glittery desk LOL.
    Love the lettering, you seem to be fine with the brayer if those gorgeous colours are anything to go by.
    Love the images and those eyebrows say it all.
    Hugs & Thanks for visiting me, Neet xx

  11. I apologize for visiting so late. I’m having a terrible time with my internet. I’ve even called AT&T twice and it didn't really help.

    That glitter sample book is brilliant. And I love those minions. Of course, after the weekend with the grandees, you many be picking up glitter till Christmas! Happy WOYWW from # 4.

  12. Thanks so much for your lovely words and TFS xx Jan (27)

  13. Lots of lovely crafting interest - and such a good idea to do all those samples to have as reference. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a good day - Hazel, WOYWW 17 x

  14. Loving the sample book, very useful. Looks like you have lots of crafting plans, have fun and a lovely woyww, Angela x13x

  15. Happy days Heather, hope your work place can find some sponsors to help with the cost of the CPR training. Not sure where you work but it may be worth going down the BLS train the trainer route, so those trained workers can assist and inform the rest of the workforce.
    What a great idea that sample book is Heather, the perfect reference for future makes. You'll have so much fun this weekend, hope your going to use that shedless card or you will spend an eternity cleaning it up hee hee!!
    Thanks for sharing WOYWW..
    Hugs Tracey #2

  16. Great sample book! Great idea! Have lots of fun with your grandsons and glitter! Hope your garden gets some rain soon! Thanks for your visit and have a great week! Lindart #33

  17. I think all kids like glitter. My granddaughter always wants to use it and I cringe the entire time. LOL Have a wonderful week. Dorlene #34

  18. Hi Heather, what a busy deskful of fun stuff! Enjoy glittering your grandson!! :o) Annie C #16

  19. Great stuff, Heather. That sample book is fantastic - how organised, and doesn't it look great! It's a work of art on its own! Have fun with your glittery grandson, and after he's gone, the glitter all over everything will give you something to remember him by till he comes again haha!!

    Thank you for your lovely comment and I'm sorry to be so long replying - we are very busy at the moment and in between I've been absolutely exhausted and needing to rest, so it's taking time to catch up with everybody. I am glad you like my little heart, and that you are going to make them for the family for Christmas. Great idea!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #8