Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Happy WOYWW to everyone!  Along with many others I am surrounded by snow!  My rear garden.  Thankfully my grandsons are not here or they would be shouting to sledge down the embankment... And probably ruin my rose bushes!  We are lucky enough to use as much or as little of the embankment as we want.

I received my magazine on Monday and there were some travel stamps and papers which prompted me go get out my travel scrapbook album, which I started work on last year.  Not a lot of progress but I am planning on completing a few pages over the next week.  Watch this space!

My other desk is clean again.  My daughter wants me to make her some labels for her pasta, flour jars etc for her pantry (glad to see they are making a comeback!).  I bought this die then realised I can cut them in the scan & cut ... oh well, I will remember next time! Still getting used to having it.  I also bought some cheap calligraphy pens just to have a go and see if I like it.  Still in the box unused, just like so many things ....

Highlight of the coming weekend will be the Leigh show ... And I am meeting Neet! My first meet up with any of you lovely ladies.  Although I was tempted to track down Margaret last weekend when we were in North Wales, but time ran away with us.  Never mind I shall meet Margaret and a lot of you at the Crop in September! 

Please leave a comment, I do love to read them.  Heather x


  1. Ha, ha. I have a Scan & Cut. I forget to use it too. I think maybe the dies are easier? Well, at least for me! Lovely photo of the snow but glad it is at your place and not mine. :)
    Sandy from Texas #30

  2. Hi Heather. I'm so sorry you didn't track me down last weekend! I was out and about in the mountains on the Saturday - but if you had been calling in, I'd have stayed at home and put the kettle on!!! Have a fantastic time at the show - enjoy meeting Neet - she's quite a babe! I was hoping to get to the show again this year, but it is on a Sunday - so can't... sorry. But as you say, you'll get to meet up in September. If you come this way before then, just let me know.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  3. Snow is all well and pretty until anyone needs to get anywhere!! great desk. Helen #1

  4. Hooray for coming to the Crop! You'll have a ball and how lovely to meet Meet this weekend, she's a funky babe 😊 I'm glad that the magazine stuff prompted you to get the journal out again, have fun with it!
    Hugs LLJ 14 xxx

  5. How fun - a meet up!hugs all around!

  6. Heather - I am in no way a "babe" - hope you are not expecting wonderful things but I am, however, so looking forward to meeting you and am really looking forward to a good chat at the blog when I will have more time. Sometimes it can be a bit awkward when I am dem'ing but hopefully I can get 5 minutes away at least. I'll avoid having a cuppa so I can have one with you.
    You are so clever being able to use the Scan and Cut, am sure I would never master it, don't seem to have the patience to learn things like that now as I get older.
    Not sure I like the snow, not a sledger these days but I loved it as a child.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  7. You're looking very organised and the garden looks so pretty. Enjoy the craft show, look forward to seeing the new stash goodies. Happy woyww, Angela x16x

  8. Sometimes it is just easier to use a die if its to hand but I like having the choice of the scan and cut - esp for multiples! I have been using those stamps and papers today as well. A really nice set I thought. Happy WOYWW Cindy #19

  9. Hi Heather, I wish I was going to Leigh but I usually just get to Port Sunlight in May instead. I think the dies will probably make it easier to cut labels instead of using the Scan'N Cut too. Have a good week. Sarah #15

  10. Oh Heather, delighted that you’ll be coming to LA for the Crop! Meeting Neet will mean you have a lovely time. I think I’ve lost my nerve...that embankment looks very steep and scarey to me!! Love the pages in your travel scrapbook, like all things, the pens, the scrapbook, and’ll get round to them. Really, you will!

  11. Love the travel papers and the new dies. Thanks for the visit BJ#8

  12. Hello Heather. Our garden looks like yours!!! I do love the snow but it is stopping me going to Yorkshire this weekend to see our eldest son and family for his birthday, so I'm not happy with the weather at present. I met Neet at the Crop last year - such a lovely lady. Hoping I can make it this year. Have fun at the show. Thanks for popping by. Anne x #13

  13. great looking desk! I bought a UK magazine the other day for the stamps and plan on playing with them today. Love the garden but dislike the cold and older body doesn't take well being out in it no matter how beautiful it is. We rarely get snow in OK but ice storms happen a couple times a season. Sorry I am so late getting! Have a great week. Vickie #32

  14. Great looking desk and garden too!
    Hope the meet up went well
    Thanks for visiting my desk already

  15. Hi Heather, thank you for your lovely comment and sorry to be so long replying - had a really busy week, and exhausted in between, and also boring internet problems with everything really slow. I wondered if the weather could have caused it but it's still slow and all the snow has gone now. Anyway, thank you for your visit, and glad you like last week's efforts on my desk! As for my operation, I'm not worried about how long I'll be in - it tends to take me longer to get over things than the average because of my ME and there's no point fretting anyway because there's nothing I can do about it!! I'm daily anticipating a message from the hospital postponing it because I'm sure the bad weather will have affected their lists. We shall see. Sorry you were in for so long - I was in 2 1/2 weeks this time last year and that wasn't too pleasant as it was an emergency, but this time it's elective so it should be better.

    Love the snowy garden photo, and so glad to hear about your daughter's pantry! I had my new pantry made last year and made lots of pretty labels for my jars - they look so nice when you open the door and see them all on the shelves. I've got pics on my blog.

    Happy very belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #33